Bruno Ollé is an artist based nowadays in Barcelona. He defined himself more as a painter than a sculptor. He has presented his work all around the world and in different important cities like Brussels, Los Angeles or Bogotá.


Where do you find inspiration?

My creative process has changed in the last years. I prefer now to not look for any kind of information source, to not look at anything. Just to take little things and to build new ideas with them.

Do you have any routine for your work?

I have a lot of them but I do not accomplish anyone. It is not good to plan in excess. The rigidity of scheduling seems very rigid and not creative at all. It is not good for the creative process.

What does minimalism mean for you?

For me Minimalism consists to trash the maximum things with the minimum act. To achieve something big, even though you are using almost nothing.

Do you think that your work is minimal?

I think that my work is more about to do things that they not take a lot of time. I prefer to do things that you cannot redo them again. The things that you cannot undo, what it has been done.

Talking more about the project “Broke a line”, what does it represent?

I woke up one day and I saw a stripe on the wall of my house. It also continued to other walls from the houses next to mine. That simple stripe trashes the maximum with the minimum act. That was the real value of it. The intentionality more than the simple gesture. It became an anonymous poetry act. This project is an appropriation of it, even though it did not have the intentionality to be or to become art.

How did you represent this idea?

The process only took two seconds. During this short period of time, 9 frames became dirty. Art can have a lot of different lectures and I like the way my pieces can be read in many ways. This project can be organized in three different ways and you can always mixed them up.

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